Broadened and Culturally-Inclusive View of Science

SCIENCE: interactions with and within nature
In Integrative Science, we emphasize that Indigenous and Western scientific knowledges are based in observations and other experiences of the natural world. Indeed, we are participants in the natural world, in the web of life.

Furthermore, we recognize that the acquisition of scientific knowledge is essential to human survival – it is a practical engagement with the real world, or put another way, it is about our interactions with and within nature. The scientific pursuit of knowledge must, therefore, be as old as the consciousness of our human species.

In saying that science, or scientific enquiry is a pursuit, we are emphasizing that this engagement is not just a method. It is much more – it is a way of knowing that involves awareness and wonder, creativity and curiosity, dreaming and awe, along with logical and critical thinking.

Read more:  Bartlett et al. (authors' final revised draft for chapter in forthcoming book)