Basma Kavanagh

Basma Kavanagh created numerous original art pieces for the Integrative Science program and images of these are used regularly and frequently in our oral and print communications and throughout this website.  In addition, many of the originals are on display in the Unama’ki College at Cape Breton University.  Basma also created the illustrations of the patterns, rocks, and plants that are featured on the “nature’s math” educational cards that Integrative Science developed as part of an NSERC PromoScience grant in the early 2000s.  And, she created the first website for Integrative Science; it was in use until 2004.  Now a successful independent artist, Basma retains her links to the Integrative Science research program and continues to inspire our work through her artistic abilities and understandings. Basma grew up in Halifax and Sydney; she now lives in Kentville, Nova Scotia, and can be contacted at  Basma also has a wonderful new website:

A few pieces of artwork that Basma created for Integrative Science are featured here, including an image of the painting we always use to explain our vision, a painting that was featured on a poster for the 2005 Canadian Aboriginal Science and Technology Society (CASTS) national conference that Integrative Science co-hosted in Sydney and Membertou First Nation, a painting of a mythical medicinal plant, ,, and a painting entitled "Eel Migration" that the Integrative Science team presented to Elders Murdena and Albert Marshall to commemorate the award of their Honorary Doctorates in Fall 2009.