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Integrative Science at Cape Breton University originated in the mid-1990s as a concept for innovative undergraduate academic programming in the post-secondary science education arena .  .     .  ..  By the early 2000's, Integrative Science had expanded into the additional science arenas of research, applications, and outreach to youth and community.  In 2006, the Institute for Integrative Science & Health was created as the major research and outreach entity. 

On the right hand side of this page you will find a menu that provides access to an annotated timeline about the origins and history of Integrative Science.  The timeline begins in 1990s when Integrative Science was formally conceived. 

Follow this link for other information about the Integrative Science academic program and BScCS degree. 

Beyond our timeline, we also acknowledge earlier roots; for example, many Aboriginal people have long dreamed of an academic science program that would and could acknowledge their traditional understandings of the natural world.

The timeline also provides information as to the successes of the Integrative Science academic program. And, it shows when research grants and other external funding were obtained which then enabled the Integrative Science initiative to expand from science education into the arenas of science research, applications, and outreach to Aboriginal youth and communities.

We feel it is important to emphasize the understanding that the Integrative Science research program began in, but quickly expanded beyond, the post-secondary science educational arena.  As explained elsewhere, the current status of the Integrative Science academic program (note:  "academic program") is that it is "on pause" within a period of potential for action towards modification and re-invigoration.